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This term is going awesomely .We are learning about space and our BIG question is can we live on another planet and going to go to Murphy's bush to learn about and to show why our planet is so special and why? Today we are doing and making our own rocket. EVERYONE in class has been so cool and FUN!!! Our other teacher Mr's Jones thinks we are the best class in school.
by D.L

On 1st December Pod3 are going on a trip to Murphy's Bush. It will be an all day walk. We have to take Drink bottle, Hat, Raincoats, Named Morning Tea, Sunscreen. This walk will hopefully teach Pod3 to care for our environment. Each group has at least 20 people in each group. The walk will be sweat taking but awesome. In my opinion I think this will be a blast!! N.L

Gravity: If you weigh 50kg you would weigh 19kg on mars

Diameter: 6,787 km

Atmosphere: Seems to have "lost" most of its gases at some time in the past. Present atmosphere too thin to protect life from deadly ultraviolet radiation. Mostly carbon dioxide (95%), with some nitrogen (2.7%) in and traces of oxygen and other gases. Small amounts of water vapour form fog and clouds near the surface.

Temp: highest -31degrees Celsius to lowest - 86 degrees Celsius

Moons: two -Deimos and Phobos.

Surface: Very rocky and gassey

Distance from Sun: 227,900,000 km.

Sunlight: Half as bright as on Earth

Rotation: 24 hours 37minutes

Orbit: One Mars 687 Earth days

By D.L, N.L, T.R

Gravity: a 45kg man would weigh 53kg.Atmosphere:mostly hydrogen with some helium.Distance from the sun:1,427,000,000km.Surface temprature:30,000 c.Size diamter: 120,600km.s.p h.f.

atmosphere: jupiters atmosphere is made from 90% hydrogen and 10%helium.
size/diameter: jupiter's diameter is 88,650miles.
interesting facts:jupiter has at least 39 moons

Our gravity on Earth pulls two objects depend on two things:Mass, Distance. Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Distance from the Sun: 149.6 million km. Surface temperature : 89.c to 58.c satellites (the moon). Interesting Facts: Seen from space,

There is no gravity on the sun.

It has no atmousfair.

The surface is about 5000 degreas celcias. The core is three times hotter than the surface.

Light from the sun takes eight minutes travel through space and reach the eath

1.989 1x10

Today pod 3 are having our singing assembly, and Kids for Kids choir are going to perform one of our favourite songs My Favourite Things. Since its a children only song that means the soloist are having a turn to sing by themselves! But the cool thing is one of the soloist are ME!

My Very Earnest Mother Jumps Sqeakly Upon Naughty People. N.L.

My Very Evil Monster Jumped Spinning Up Naughty People. S.W.

My Very Enormous Mother Just Sat Upon Nests. J.B

My Very Enormous monkey Juggles snakes under nests.C.A

Miss Victoria Evans Mother Juggled Seven Umbrellas Nicely. G.W.

My Very Excited Monster Just Sat Upon Nuts. B.B.

Here is some of Room 15's acronyms for the planets. If you notice some of them have a P at the end some don't. Do you know why?

We would love for you to leave some of your acronyms. Post a comment with yours!

If I were an alien I'd be a pale ocean blue and a tinkly torquize. I would move swiftly and softly and turn like an elegent white swan. I would be known as the star of Neptune or a dream come true to make Neptune win the award for facinating beauty even though everyone knows Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun not including our dwarf planet Pluto. I would spin and dance all day like the mysterious creatures called sparkledots who live under a thick crust of freezing ice, you can see them twinkling under the snow after a snow fall. They would also move gracefully. Somday I would presented as the gracfull ice leader of the best dancers in the world, I mean the universe.

This week we have been doing athletics practising. There were four activites we had to do, they were fun but also hard. The hardest was the softball throw it was very hard to get over the fourth line 2nd hardest was the high jump it was hard to get over 1 metre line.

This week room15 have been very tired because of doing athletics. There were four activites to do for all ages. I'd say high jump is the hardest because some people have to try and make it over 95 centermetres or a metre and 5! Theres also softball throw thats alot of fun. Long jump is awesome! some people make it over 3 metres!!! Last but not least running realays with Mrs Pittaway, I'll tell you now there are alot of fast people. Athletics will be next Tuesday. I'm so looking forward to it!


In squids this week we have been working on a book callled helpful hints written by Jill Eggleton and illustrated by Matthew Thompson. We have been doing the answers in the book by reading the questions. Then on Thursday and Friday we did a solar system booklet about space. It is so cool with the wordfinds, they are more fun than the writing activities. I have been working with Georgia to help me finish the cover but I'm nearly there.

In reading this week I've ben doing some work on a parchment with Brooklyn on space. We first wrote on a piece of paper. Some facts then scrunch the paper up and went over it with a wet soggy tea bag. The next step was to burn it with a match but we didn't get round to doing that.We have also been doing some work on a booklet that we got given yesterday but the whole class got one and I helped Jaydeane.

In reading this week the stingrays have been reading lots of different books like the seven foolish fishermen and other sorts of journals. We have also been given some cool space booklets
that we did with the class but for now we have only coloured in the title.

This week for reading my group have been reading loads of books like this book called tsunami. Did you know that a title wave can travel in to the shore at OVER 3000 KM PER HOUR!!!!!. We also read a book called "The Spider." When the spider dies, six different spiders gather in a circle and dance and perform a ritual.

Sharks read a book called the spiders and it had a boy called Michael in it and he saw a spider and drowned it in a glass of water and then more came and he tried to kill them but he got to scared to touch them.

In squids this week we have been reading the book Helpful Hints For Boring Moments. We had to in our reading books write the questions down and then answer them. It had some really cool! things in it like e.g how to make juggling balls, how to juggle juggling balls and lots more!!. Also there some very boring things in Helpful Hints For Boring Moments like on the first page. Any way we have been answer the questions for 3 days.

Hi lm going to talk abot an alien callednor man and your got to guess him.He has anger like a swarm ofwospe.His armour is like invincible stone and dark cement.His muscles is are like big bowling ball and he has four fingers.His feet are like crab claws andhis colour of his pantsare like dark cool blue.He has four eyes and two anttennas.Allso he is really really big and strong.His planet is big and bumpy but it is still a good place to live.

In week 1 the brilliant Starlab team came to our school. We learnt heaps about space but mostly about the beautiful stars. If you were wondering what Starlab is it's a silver semi circle blowup tent. We crawl inside through a small tunnel when you get inside, Gloria our "star teacher" will light up the tent and show us the stars that will be in the sky tonight. Gloria said that we would see Jupiter in the sky that night which I did. Do you know that planets don't twinkle? At the end of our star experience she passed around 2 meteors 1 made out of metal and the other made out of rock. She said that they are definetly way way way older than the Dinosaurs!

In week 1 room15 went onto the the big field to learn something about our topic, the solar system. Some of us were the planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and our dwarf planet Pluto. Pluto started us off by walking across the field holding a long rope with a small picture of Pluto. After a few metres Neptunes picture comes and so on, at the end near to the Sun it gets a little squishy. You would of had to multiply the spacing between the planets by 1,000,000 if not more. It was really fun finding out how much spacing there is between the planets.

This term room15 have been very busy. Our topic focus was "Living in the past". We each had to get a buddy with the same topic. To find out about our topic we looked in books, the internet and at the end we went to the Howick Historical Village. In writing we have been doing descriptive writing and opinion writing. One of the last things we did was go to the Star Of The Sea school to see a show it was really cool and awesome.

Radical Readers Reading

This week the Radical Readers reading group have been making great progress in reading. They have been learning about ropes, knots and ants. We tried making our own knots but they were too small. So we wrote facts about ants. Everyone got finished with reading the book and writing facts in one session. Thats proof that Radical Readers ROCK!!!!

This week my reading group has been learning about otters. Here are some facts that I have learnt:

Did you know that sea otters are sometimes called the teddy bears of the sea.

A sea otter holds its paws to keep them warm and dry.

Sea otters float in groups called rafts.


In room15 we have been working on descriptive writing about a zebra in a movie. Yes, you guessed it, Marty in Madacascar. Eyes, ears, tail, teeth, dreams and humour all rolled up into a stripey ball. How about you read it for yourself, here is some of our work...

Marty is wild, thats what his friends say anyway. He has green googly eyes, a bushy tail and stripes. Yep, he is the zebra in Madacascar. He is incredibly determined and fearless. Even though he is wild he has a warm, warm heart and he is absolutely funny. All his friends think he is weird and strange when he tells them his wish, but all he wants to do is see his home again where he once lived, explore and have a little adventure because all those years he was in the zoo he didn't even have a small adventure. He has to follow his dream and he does, he bravely goes to the wild where he makes even more friends. His very best friend is still Alex the lion who believes as much as his friend and thats not much. I think Marty's friends don't want to go to the wild because they are a little afraid , they think their zoo is already enough but Marty... Marty is much different, he thinks the zoo is a humungous enclousure which it is.
Now more about the outside of Marty. He has enormous nostrils and a slimy tongue. Marty also has bucked teeth. Marty has skinny legs and at the end of them are middle sized hooves. To be honest he has a slightly big bottom. I have already said a lot but I think I can come up with a few more. He is a little jealous of the 4 penguins because they've been to the wild. Marty also just turned 10 a few days ago .
Now you know every little detail about him. OH! I forgot, Marty wants to tell you something AHH! OK, thats enough talking for a while. AHH forgot I was speaking into the microphone, wait what was I going to say, thats right theres even Madagascar 2 out now!
Marty is a zebra. He is off the movie Madacascar. He is nice. He has huge teeth. He wants to go to the wild with the penguins. He is really brave and faces his fears. He doesn't care what other people say.
Marty is a walking, talking striped animal something you would call a zebra. Marty has a big butt, his nose is a swirly oval. Marty's hooves are shaped like a squashed snail's shell. They go BANG on the floor when he doesn't get his own way. He has a slimy tongue which take up his whole mouth with googly eyes that pop out of his head like a giraffe's ears poke out of his head.
Marty is a hilarious zebra with LOUD clippity cloppty hooves. His fantastic dreams are of going back to the fierce wild life where he was born. His friends think he is goofy and he doesn't think he is goofy at all! If you ever see a wild zebra who likes a wild lion named Alex then call him Marty. He is the best at being the stripest zebra in the whole milky way! He loves adventure and he's not afraid of his friends or his own fears. Are you like Marty the zebra too? Well I hope you are like the brave stripey zebra.
Marty is a crazy, goofy zebra who is a total idiot. He has curly nostrils and bucked teeth. Stripy is his thing, he also has a big bottom. He has a bushy tail. Melman is his funny giraffe friend, also there is Gloria the hippo and the extraordinary Alex the lion.

Welcome to our new blog. I thought with all the commenting on other class blogs it was time that we had our own. So here it is... It is going to take us a bit of time to get into the swing of things but hopefully by the end of the year we will all be blogging experts!

For our topic at the moment we are investigating the differences between living in 1849 and 2009.

To get us started I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our recent trip to the Howick Historical Village. Do you recognise the uniform?

No pens in 1849. What did they use?

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