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Welcome to our new blog. I thought with all the commenting on other class blogs it was time that we had our own. So here it is... It is going to take us a bit of time to get into the swing of things but hopefully by the end of the year we will all be blogging experts!

For our topic at the moment we are investigating the differences between living in 1849 and 2009.

To get us started I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our recent trip to the Howick Historical Village. Do you recognise the uniform?

No pens in 1849. What did they use?


Very cool start Room 15. We are really looking forward to seeing your posts and keeping up with what you are doing in Room 15.
MrsB Room14

Nice Blog Mr Grimmer! I like your blog and how you thought of doing it capitals letters, I also liked your background and your pictures, it's just that, how come I've never seen your blog before? Is it new? KD

Awesome! Room 1 will be able to check out what their buddies have been learning about. Make sure you guys stop by our blog too. See if you can find your buddies work to leave a comment on.

Our blog is looking wicked Mr Grimmer


this is a very interesting website!! its starting up good!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I think our blog is looking really awesome.You have really put some thought into it Mr Grimmor.


WOW mr Grimmer are blog is awesome. great work.


WOW the Howick historical village photos are
awesome.I piticuarly like the gun photo.

Our blog has heaps of olden day stuff in it.It makes me feel like i'm back in time.Our blog is Extraordinary cool.I really like the gun.


I think my own classes blog is fantastic and it makes me feel like that I am new. Mr grimmer has put alot of time just to make us our very own blog.

I think that our blog is one of the best out of all the rest of the other blogs. Blogs are totaly awesome but ours is the best of them all because we've got lots of awesome photos. D.L

Your blog looks cool. It looks like night time.

WOW awesome blog room 15! Good work Mr G.

Wow... in 1849, their writing is so great, I think we need to study how to write things like that!


Welcome to the world of blogging. I like your photos and comparisons. Check out our blog - we too are a Year 3/4 class.

Well done Room 15 and Mr G! I am very impressed with your brand new blog! Keep up the great work. I am going to show my class of Y4 children your blog especially the photo of Howick Historical Village. We are visiting there in 2 weeks time!

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