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In room15 we have been working on descriptive writing about a zebra in a movie. Yes, you guessed it, Marty in Madacascar. Eyes, ears, tail, teeth, dreams and humour all rolled up into a stripey ball. How about you read it for yourself, here is some of our work...

Marty is wild, thats what his friends say anyway. He has green googly eyes, a bushy tail and stripes. Yep, he is the zebra in Madacascar. He is incredibly determined and fearless. Even though he is wild he has a warm, warm heart and he is absolutely funny. All his friends think he is weird and strange when he tells them his wish, but all he wants to do is see his home again where he once lived, explore and have a little adventure because all those years he was in the zoo he didn't even have a small adventure. He has to follow his dream and he does, he bravely goes to the wild where he makes even more friends. His very best friend is still Alex the lion who believes as much as his friend and thats not much. I think Marty's friends don't want to go to the wild because they are a little afraid , they think their zoo is already enough but Marty... Marty is much different, he thinks the zoo is a humungous enclousure which it is.
Now more about the outside of Marty. He has enormous nostrils and a slimy tongue. Marty also has bucked teeth. Marty has skinny legs and at the end of them are middle sized hooves. To be honest he has a slightly big bottom. I have already said a lot but I think I can come up with a few more. He is a little jealous of the 4 penguins because they've been to the wild. Marty also just turned 10 a few days ago .
Now you know every little detail about him. OH! I forgot, Marty wants to tell you something AHH! OK, thats enough talking for a while. AHH forgot I was speaking into the microphone, wait what was I going to say, thats right theres even Madagascar 2 out now!
Marty is a zebra. He is off the movie Madacascar. He is nice. He has huge teeth. He wants to go to the wild with the penguins. He is really brave and faces his fears. He doesn't care what other people say.
Marty is a walking, talking striped animal something you would call a zebra. Marty has a big butt, his nose is a swirly oval. Marty's hooves are shaped like a squashed snail's shell. They go BANG on the floor when he doesn't get his own way. He has a slimy tongue which take up his whole mouth with googly eyes that pop out of his head like a giraffe's ears poke out of his head.
Marty is a hilarious zebra with LOUD clippity cloppty hooves. His fantastic dreams are of going back to the fierce wild life where he was born. His friends think he is goofy and he doesn't think he is goofy at all! If you ever see a wild zebra who likes a wild lion named Alex then call him Marty. He is the best at being the stripest zebra in the whole milky way! He loves adventure and he's not afraid of his friends or his own fears. Are you like Marty the zebra too? Well I hope you are like the brave stripey zebra.
Marty is a crazy, goofy zebra who is a total idiot. He has curly nostrils and bucked teeth. Stripy is his thing, he also has a big bottom. He has a bushy tail. Melman is his funny giraffe friend, also there is Gloria the hippo and the extraordinary Alex the lion.


Hi Room 15
This descriptive writing activity sounds like it was loads of fun. I love some of the really interesting words you've used like slimy, googly, goofy and heaps more!

Awesome descriptive writing Room 15! I like the variety of interesting adjectives you used. I totally agree with you I.P. - Marty has got a warm, warm heart. Keep up the great work!

Wow room15,have you seen the movie Madacascar??The movie is so cool!!!

From:D.C mega25

Great work everyone. I really enjoyed reading your writing. It was nice to have a little chuckle! Do you know that word? It means I thought your work was funny! Keep it up, I'd like to read more.

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