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This term is going awesomely .We are learning about space and our BIG question is can we live on another planet and going to go to Murphy's bush to learn about and to show why our planet is so special and why? Today we are doing and making our own rocket. EVERYONE in class has been so cool and FUN!!! Our other teacher Mr's Jones thinks we are the best class in school.
by D.L

On 1st December Pod3 are going on a trip to Murphy's Bush. It will be an all day walk. We have to take Drink bottle, Hat, Raincoats, Named Morning Tea, Sunscreen. This walk will hopefully teach Pod3 to care for our environment. Each group has at least 20 people in each group. The walk will be sweat taking but awesome. In my opinion I think this will be a blast!! N.L

Gravity: If you weigh 50kg you would weigh 19kg on mars

Diameter: 6,787 km

Atmosphere: Seems to have "lost" most of its gases at some time in the past. Present atmosphere too thin to protect life from deadly ultraviolet radiation. Mostly carbon dioxide (95%), with some nitrogen (2.7%) in and traces of oxygen and other gases. Small amounts of water vapour form fog and clouds near the surface.

Temp: highest -31degrees Celsius to lowest - 86 degrees Celsius

Moons: two -Deimos and Phobos.

Surface: Very rocky and gassey

Distance from Sun: 227,900,000 km.

Sunlight: Half as bright as on Earth

Rotation: 24 hours 37minutes

Orbit: One Mars 687 Earth days

By D.L, N.L, T.R

Gravity: a 45kg man would weigh 53kg.Atmosphere:mostly hydrogen with some helium.Distance from the sun:1,427,000,000km.Surface temprature:30,000 c.Size diamter: 120,600km.s.p h.f.

atmosphere: jupiters atmosphere is made from 90% hydrogen and 10%helium.
size/diameter: jupiter's diameter is 88,650miles.
interesting facts:jupiter has at least 39 moons

Our gravity on Earth pulls two objects depend on two things:Mass, Distance. Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Distance from the Sun: 149.6 million km. Surface temperature : 89.c to 58.c satellites (the moon). Interesting Facts: Seen from space,

There is no gravity on the sun.

It has no atmousfair.

The surface is about 5000 degreas celcias. The core is three times hotter than the surface.

Light from the sun takes eight minutes travel through space and reach the eath

1.989 1x10

Today pod 3 are having our singing assembly, and Kids for Kids choir are going to perform one of our favourite songs My Favourite Things. Since its a children only song that means the soloist are having a turn to sing by themselves! But the cool thing is one of the soloist are ME!

My Very Earnest Mother Jumps Sqeakly Upon Naughty People. N.L.

My Very Evil Monster Jumped Spinning Up Naughty People. S.W.

My Very Enormous Mother Just Sat Upon Nests. J.B

My Very Enormous monkey Juggles snakes under nests.C.A

Miss Victoria Evans Mother Juggled Seven Umbrellas Nicely. G.W.

My Very Excited Monster Just Sat Upon Nuts. B.B.

Here is some of Room 15's acronyms for the planets. If you notice some of them have a P at the end some don't. Do you know why?

We would love for you to leave some of your acronyms. Post a comment with yours!

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