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This term room15 have been very busy. Our topic focus was "Living in the past". We each had to get a buddy with the same topic. To find out about our topic we looked in books, the internet and at the end we went to the Howick Historical Village. In writing we have been doing descriptive writing and opinion writing. One of the last things we did was go to the Star Of The Sea school to see a show it was really cool and awesome.

Radical Readers Reading

This week the Radical Readers reading group have been making great progress in reading. They have been learning about ropes, knots and ants. We tried making our own knots but they were too small. So we wrote facts about ants. Everyone got finished with reading the book and writing facts in one session. Thats proof that Radical Readers ROCK!!!!

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Welcome to Room 15's blog. We are a year 3/4 class in Auckland, New Zealand. Our ages range from 7 to 9 years old. We are endeavouring to share the cool things that we do in our classroom with the world. We encourage you to leave us a comment...

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