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Gravity: If you weigh 50kg you would weigh 19kg on mars

Diameter: 6,787 km

Atmosphere: Seems to have "lost" most of its gases at some time in the past. Present atmosphere too thin to protect life from deadly ultraviolet radiation. Mostly carbon dioxide (95%), with some nitrogen (2.7%) in and traces of oxygen and other gases. Small amounts of water vapour form fog and clouds near the surface.

Temp: highest -31degrees Celsius to lowest - 86 degrees Celsius

Moons: two -Deimos and Phobos.

Surface: Very rocky and gassey

Distance from Sun: 227,900,000 km.

Sunlight: Half as bright as on Earth

Rotation: 24 hours 37minutes

Orbit: One Mars 687 Earth days

By D.L, N.L, T.R


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